House Hunting Tips

Follow these tips to make your house hunting experience hassle-free and enjoyable!

Hire A Realtor – Top Guns Realty Inc.'s Realtors are real estate experts. Our wealth of experience, technical know-how and familiarity with the community will be invaluable to you during your search, and is by far the most important house hunting tip you can use.

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage – Before you even consider looking at any houses for sale, see how much you can afford by getting pre-approved for your mortgage. This gives you a concrete price range to work with and avoids disappointments and wasted time chasing down listings that you can't afford. See Mortgage Information for more information about financing options.

Don't Go Alone– In this case two heads are better than one. Bring along your friend or family member whenever you are viewing properties, an open house, or making big decisions. That second set of eyes may notice issues you overlooked.

Speak Your Mind – Buying a home may well be the biggest financial decision of your life, so this is no time to be shy. Ask lots of questions, keep in touch with your Realtor, and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions while viewing open houses.

Hire A Real Estate Lawyer – Buying a home is one of the larges purchases you will ever make. Protect your real estate investment by using a lawyer who specializes in real estate. They will review your contract and documents and ensure everything is in order for closing.

Keep Yourself Organized – You'll be taking in a lot of information as you go over real estate listings, view homes and consider your options. It can get confusing, so stay organized. Bring a camera to photograph houses and features you want to remember, bring a pen and notepad to take notes, and use a day-planner to keep appointments, important dates and contact information. Using a Home Features Checklist is also helpful to keep track of homes as you view them.

Visit The Neighbourhood More Than Once– If you think you have found the home you're looking for be sure to visit the neighbourhood more than once and at different times of the day. The calm quiet street that you saw on your first visit may turn out to be the opposite during rush hour.

Keep a Critical Eye – Be aware of techniques sellers often use to present their homes for sale. The smell of baking bread or freshly baked cookies are all common psychological techniques aimed at putting you at ease and making the house feel "familiar' and 'homey'. Also don't be shy about looking under area rugs and behind closed doors because sometimes there is a reason spots are covered up. Sometimes you have to read between the lines when it comes to real estate listings too. Also be wary of home descriptions on listings - "cozy" can mean very small, and terms like "handyman's special" can mean major construction or renovation required.

Use The Internet – Take advantage of all the info, advice, calculators and property listings offered right here on You can also research neighbourhoods online, or try searching local tourism sites and chambers of commerce. Check out the lay of the land using Google Maps (select Satellite View). Search local newspapers and blogs for news, issues and opinions about the neighbourhoods you are interested in.

Enjoy Yourself – Most importantly, don't forget that buying a home is an exciting time! So take your time, keep your sense of humour, and don't let any difficulties throw you off course. You can always turn to one of Top Guns Realty Inc.'s Realtors to advise you in all areas of your home search and buying.

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