Consulting A Legal Professional

When it comes to complex legal documents, it takes a professional to decode the legal wording and ensure that the letter of the law is working to protect you and your finances. When it comes to real estate transactions, there are plenty of those complex legal documents to sift through which is why you will need a real estate lawyer. After all, selling a home involves a lot of your money, numerous people, service providers, multiple levels of government, and lots of paperwork. Any mistakes can be costly. Your real estate lawyer will ensure that every part of the process is done according to the law, and that every legal document you sign is prepared with your best interests in mind.

When hiring a real estate lawyer it pays to shop around. The best place to start is by asking your Realtor for reccomendations for a lawyer that best suits your needs. You can also ask friends and coworkers, check out online legal referral directories or the Yellow Pages, or call your provincial bar association. Many real estate lawyers have websites that outline their special designations and areas of specialty. Ask for references if you have any doubts. Also, be sure to establish fees and disbursements (any costs related to handling your file, such as long distance calls and travel) up front.

Some of the services your real estate lawyer will provide are:

• Answering any of your legal questions

• Reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

• Calculating the total amount owed to you from the buyer (including tax and utility adjustments)

• Answering buyer questions about the property title

• Ensuring all requirements for closing day are met (money transferred to you from the buyer, and the property title put in their name), and closing the sale with the buyer's lawyer

• Preparing the reporting letter


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